Congratulations Aleta on your 2:45:46 marathon at...


Drink a beer. Run a quarter.  Repeat 4 times. ...


Todd completed his first Ironman in Tempe, Arizona...


What an EPIC DAY!!!  Arrick hammered out the entire...


If you are interested in taking your athletic performance to the next level - whether that next level is beginning a training program for the first time, improving your personal best time, winning your age group, or turning professional - you came to the right place.

Joe Company, PhD is an experienced coach and experienced athlete.  He applies sports science as well as his personal experiences as a coach and athlete to customize training programs for all abilities of athletes.  Joe's mission is make your training and racing experience as rewarding as possible. The goal is to help you become a healthy, successful, complete athlete by providing a training plan that helps you reach your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

In addition to custom training plans, Joe offer laboratory bike and run VO2max and lactate testing as well as 'field testing' for bike power. These tests allow unparalleled optimization of your training plan.

It is time to take the guesswork out of your training!


  • Embrace impermanence. This too shall pass. NOOO! I don't want it to end. This too shall pass. THANK GOD! That was horrible 1 day 1 hour ago
  • "Whew! It's a tendon injury, not a fracture." But treating a fracture might be easier! My experience would say so. https://t.co/uT8SbD83JJ 1 day 10 hours ago
  • RT @YLMSportScience: More exercise is needed to↗️ VO2max, than that required to maintain it at the trained level https://t.co/NzJ8zKg0Zh ht… 3 days 7 hours ago

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Columbia, MO Triathlon Camp

Wanna ramp your bike training?  Join us Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30, 2016 in Columbia, MO for a bike-focused training camp!  The purpose of this weekend is to provide you with focused bike training, swim analysis, education, challenges, camaraderie, and fun.

Central Illinois Triathlon Camp

May 20-22, 2016.  Bloomington, IL.  Endurance Company invites you to take part in a training and educational weekend.  The purpose of this weekend is to provide you with training, education, challenges, camaraderie, and fun.  We have eight (yes, 8!) training sessions planned, but we also have eight (yes, 8!) learning sessions led by experts in exercise physiology, endurance training, cycling, and nutrition. 

Beginning the conversation on NUTRITION

There is a lot of information available about nutrition (some credible, some complete BS). It is easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly conflicting stories, advertisements, articles, and testimonials. You end up not knowing what to eat and when to eat it.

2016 TEAM ECo activites have begun!

Start 2016 with your team!  Now is a GREAT time to join Team Endurance Company.  We are just getting the 2016 Monthly Challenges and ECo University curriculum going. With race discounts, product discounts, and event discounts, your membership will pay itself back!

Sign up to be on the 2016 TEAM Endurance Company HERE!!!

Great Floridian Training Program special offer!

The Great Floridian Endurance Festival is a less-expensive alternative to Ironman North Carolina. So, to enhance your options for endurance racing this season, we added a training group for the Great Floridian, which takes place on the same day as IM NC. 

Because of the timing of these two races, we are able to combine the two groups for many of the training and education. So, whether you are doing Ironman NC or Great Floridian, you have a larger group of athletes to train with, socialize with, and join you on this endurance adventure!


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