Endurance Company specializes in human performance. Every one of us performs. Every one of us has potential. We empower you realize and unlock the potential within.

Endurance Company’s mission is to help age group athletes identify and achieve their goals. We do this by getting to know YOU. We want to understand where you are. Where you come from. And where you want to go.

Endurance Company, or ECo, was founded in 2010 by Joe Company, PhD. Joe provides insight, education, and experience that only a handful of other coaches in the world have.

Over the past decade, ECo has evolved from a one-on-one coaching service to a comprehensive platform allowing athletes of all abilities and locations to take advantage of the collective knowledge and experience of ECo coaches, partners, and athletes.

ECo now works with adult endurance athletes all over the U.S. We provide customized individual training plans that help age group athletes reach their potential. We keep fine-tuning our programming so we stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best product to you!

Before founding ECo, Joe coached at the high school and collegiate level, worked with Olympic training programs, and worked with a number of high-performance athletes and coaches.  Joe competed as an elite level 400m and 800m track runner before turning to triathlon. Joe raced triathlon professionally from 2003-2007. Joe began consulting endurance athletes in 2002, but as he evolved in his education and experience, he wanted to make his expertise available to more people.  ECo is the product of Joe’s experience.

We have worked hard to provide a service that fits your needs at a price that provides value. From Team ECo membership, to Customized Training Programs, to ECo Events, to one-on-one coaching, we have the tools to help you realize your potential in sport and in life!

Endurance Company is an official USA Triathlon multisport club located in Bloomington-Normal, IL. We have satellite clubs in Columbia, MO and Phoenix, AZ. Our triathlon multisport club approach provides comprehensive training, education, and fun!