Arrick Nietert

Arrick has been with Endurance Company since 2011, first as an ECo Elite athlete, then as a coach.  Arrick has been involved in endurance racing since he was in 8th grade. It started with mountain bike racing and moved into running and triathlon. He kept it up throughout high school and took some time off in college. He jumped back in when I moved out to Arizona in 2007. Up until 2013 he coached himself making training plans based of research that worked. He set and met goals because he trusted in the training.

Arrick’s father has been a marathon trainer for the past 13 years. His leadership role has helped Arrick to begin coaching others as well. Arrick started out coaching high school wrestling and then moved into endurance coaching. He has had success over the past 5 years helping people to reach their goals from 5k to marathon and sprint to 1/2 Ironman triathlon.  He enjoys working with others from the trenches of training to the spoils of satisfaction. He is very excited and honored now to be working with his coach, Joe Company, and using his knowledge and experience to help people attain new heights.

As a husband, father of one, soon to be two, and elementary school teacher,  Arrick knows how life’s duties make endurance sport training difficult. It is time consuming, but rewarding nonetheless. Maximizing training time has become a second nature to me, through the help of Joe. Let his trials and tribulation of a family man and athlete help guide you to where you want to be.