David Quinn

David brings years of coaching experience to Endurance Company. Back in the mid 80’s David instructed Martial Arts for a local school, and for 22 years moved into teaching Law Enforcement Officers with defense tactics.

As a Law Enforcement Officer he has vast experience in dealing with all walks of life, which makes him unique in a sense that nothing surprises him when dealing with his athletes.  He has coached junior high and high school athletes, State qualifiers, team and individual.

As an endurance coach, he has coached runners and multisport athletes at every distance.  He has successfully guided “couch to Ironman” athletes as well as taken experienced athletes to their peak performances.

David is also an athlete and lives a healthy lifestyle. He strives on pushing past the norm and will provide his athletes not only with the proper training plan, but also with the mental focus and motivation one needs to achieve and reach personal goals.

For the last 10 years David was self coached, and has learned from vast trial and error training regimens and racing strategies. He has been to the breaking point and beyond. David came to Endurance Company and has seen the advantages of being coached by Joe. He has taken those lessons and applied them to his own coaching style.