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How do I sign up?

  • create an account
  • click the “buy now” link above
  • once you have paid, ECo will contact you to make sure your program is dialed in to your specific needs
  • you will immediately have access to all of the educational information and access to the TEAM ECo forum

Which plan is right for me?

The appropriate plan depends on how much coach-interaction you want, how much customization you want, and your location.

  • If you want a unique plan developed specifically for you AND you want interaction with your coach, then 1-0n-1 coaching is the way to go.
  • If you prefer structured training, but don’t need the interaction with a coach, then the Customized Programming is perfect!
  • If you are looking to train for a specific event and want a custom training plan, then one of our race-specific plans are the way to go.
  • If you like being in touch with a group of like-minded people, learning about training, nutrition, and getting great deals, then TEAM ECo is for you!

We guarantee that we have the right fit for you. But, if you are having trouble knowing where to plug in to the ECo System, email Joe. He can help you find the right fit for your goals.

What if I miss a week or get sick during the training?

For our Customized plans and Group Training programs, we modify any of our programs to accommodate for unplanned issues (sickness, injury, etc.). For example, if you get sick and miss a few training sessions, email us and we will modify the program to accomodate for the interruption. This takes a lot of stress off of you; you don’t have to cram workouts in or feel like you are missing out. We take care of it for you!

For one-on-one coaching, managing schedules and life issues is a big part of what we do as coaches. It is our job to keep the training in sync with your life. So, if you are on a one-on-one plan, your coach will take care of any modifications!

Can I switch between programs during the year?

Yes. We designed our programming to be as flexible and as dynamic as your schedule. We believe that consistency is the key to improvement, but we also know that it is hard to be ‘fully engaged’ the entire year. Our solution to this problem is our ‘modules’ that you can subscribe to when you feel you need extra motivation, training, and coaching.

The key to taking advantage of this system is to be a TEAM ECo member. We encourage year-round membership. This can be purchased with a monthly subscription or a one-time yearly payment.

Once you are a member, you can add on lots of additional services.  You can purchase 8-week customized training plans, specific training programs, or hire a coach. When you are ready for a break, you can stop the programming and still take advantage of your TEAM ECo membership.

How do I get access to Joe’s coaching?

Joe leads TEAM ECo by being a teacher, role model, participant, and advocate.

Much of the value that TEAM ECo members receive from Joe is through his video blogs, live webinars, written blogs, and weekly newsletters.

These interactions are specifically addressed to the team and focus on topics that fit in with the overall TEAM ECo curriculum, address specific questions TEAM ECo members have, and provide insight into Joe’s experience as an athlete, researcher, coach, and teacher.

Joe also is active on the TEAM ECo forum, so he answers questions and provides insight into TEAM ECo member’s questions.

Joe works with a limited number of athletes in a 1-on-1 capacity. Email Joe to see if he has openings.


Give me the simple outline of what you offer:

Here it is, in order from ‘least interaction’ to ‘most interaction’

It’s Spring and I’m just starting to train. Where should I plug in?

Contact us and we can help find the right program for you. Depending on your current fitness and training level, we will advise the best way to get into the training rhythm.

Be assured, we have programs for all levels of experience, any level of fitness, and for all ages. We will get you plugged into the ECo System smoothly and safely!

I’m on a budget, but want to be part of the team. What should I choose?

We designed our programming to provide value at any price point.

The best investment in your fitness and health is to be part of a group that can help you filter out the noise and make wise decisions.

TEAM ECo provides this.

So, for $29/month, you have access to A LOT of value: workouts, team discussion, education on health, training, nutrition, and weight loss. You’ll also receive discounts on our team races, products from our team partners, and free entry into TEAM ECo events. You will immediately see the value in plugging in to the ECo System.

What is the difference between TEAM ECo and TEAM ECo Local?

TEAM ECo Local simply adds on-site group workouts.

Both TEAM ECo options provide education, discounts, and our 3 key weekly workouts. 

  • You will receive a complete description of each workout via the ECo website login section
  • Our forum discussion will provide additional insight and education on these 3 KEY workouts
  • Remote workouts are FREE with 2018 TEAM ECo membership

TEAM ECo is perfect for athletes who work with us from a distance or athletes who don’t want to train in a group setting.

TEAM ECo Local adds group interaction with 8 group workouts (2 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs and 2 yoga sessions) for athletes in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area.

How much access do I have with the coaches?

Any member of TEAM ECo can contact an ECo coach with questions. We answer direct messages as well as monitor the TEAM ECo discussion form. If you are on the team, we work for you!

If you are on a 1-on-1 coaching plan, you have unlimited access to your coach.

Anyone on a Group Plan or Customized Plan can email an ECo coach if they have questions or problems with their training program.