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Over the past 10 years, Joe has established a robust community of endurance athletes. We train together, travel to races together, have fun together.

ECo Insiders are “in the loop” with access to our online community, group training opportunities, team races and get-togethers, discounts on Joe’s partner products, and insights into Joe’s training and racing, 

Whether you are coached or not, you will find value begin an Insider!

Coming in January… Two weekly workouts!

$49 for the ENTIRE YEAR!

As an ECo Insider, you'll receive:

Online Community

Treadmill Tuesday workouts

Wingate Wednesday workouts

50% off ECo EPIC

50% off Joe's Training Plans

50% off Joe's Training Camps

10-20% discounts on Joe's partner products

Notifications for group training opportunities

Access to the ECo tent at races

Opportunity to order ECo gear at a discount

Here’s a sneak peek into the ECo Insiders closed Facebook page.

Two BIG reasons to join ECo Insiders:

Discounts on Joe's partner products

  • Joe’s partner products are the same ones Joe uses and recommends
  • $49/year is a wise investment that pays itself back quickly
  • A couple of examples on how you can SAVE MONEY by being an ECo Insider
    • Buy one Aquaman wetsuit… save up to $150 
    • Buy three bottles of Alt Red, save $60
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Community of cool endurance athletes

  • Insight and information from Joe!
  • Contributions from experienced adult athletes
  • Group workouts: Treadmill Tuesday and Wingate Wednesday
  • Announcements and invitations to join group training, camps, and events
  • Safe environment to post questions
  • Allows you to help others
  • Non-exclusive: you can be part of other clubs and be coached by another coach! Everyone is welcome!

Discounts on Joe’s Partner Products.

Over the years, Joe has formed relationships with a number of endurance industry leaders. Most of these relationships began because Joe researched and tested a number of products and narrowed his selection to products and companies in which he found value. He has used these products for his own training and racing. As an ECo Insider, you can benefit from Joe’s partners too! His relationships with the companies listed below allow you to purchase products at special discounted prices. The goal is that you have an inside track to high-quality, effective products at a discounted price.

Aquaman Wetsuits: 25% off

Alt Red: 20% off

Power Meter City: 15% off

Venga CBD: 10% off

Zealios: 25% off

BASE Performance: 20% off

Valdora Bicycles: 20% off

Here is a short video showing how ECo Insider has empowered adult athletes.

Remember, you can be part of ANY team, be coached by ANYONE. We simply want to help YOU be the best athlete you can be!!


“I have been participating in triathlons for over 10 years, but the last several years I was able only to attend a handful of races.  I wanted 2011 to be a great “come back year” in triathlons. I decided that Endurance Company would be the key to my success.   I was correct, with the terrific coaching by Joe Company I was able to qualify for Age Group Nationals, received 2 2nd Overall wins and several Division Championship wins. In the past, I had used other triathlon coaches and training plans but no one had ever prepared me as well as Joe Company.  I realized this at my Kansas 70.3 race when I crossed the finish line with a PR time and felt as if I could run 3 more miles without any problem.  I have complete faith in Joe’s training methods. I am very excited about the upcoming season and I know 2012 will be great because Joe Company will be part of my plan for success. “

Chrissie B.

Over the past 3 years I have been setting goals in multiple distance triathlons, trail running, and road races (running). I have met goals and set new ones. I became part of the Valdora Cycles racing team (2011). They have helped me not only with a great bike but many technical decisions as well. My wife, my dog Moose, and I welcomed a daughter, Hadley, this past May (2012) to which we are ever so blessed. It has become difficult now trying to juggle family, work, and endurance sports. Having a supportive wife has been great and motivating. I know it is not always easy to be the wife of an endurance athlete, but it helps to create a desire to perform well on the course to make her, and Hadley, proud. 

    During a Valdora Cycles get together over Ironman AZ weekend, I was introduced to Joe Company. For the most part, I have always been in charge of my own training and been content with the results. After talking with Joe for an hour, he inspired me; not only with his accomplishments, a third party in the group spilled the beans about his talent in the sport, but with where he said I should set the level of my goals. His knowledge of training and the science behind it has me so excited to be racing under his guidance and what is to be accomplished in the future. With this excitement, I am looking forward to tackling the challenges of some key races: Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Boston Marathon, and Best of the US Amateur Nationals.”

Arrick N.