Joe's Consulting



If you are looking for guidance, direction, someone to bounce questions off of, or a training program… then my Training Consultation is for you!


As an adult athlete, you may not want or need a coach, but you still value advice and direction from a trusted source. However you may also want solid training program that is customized to your schedule. In addition, you value an expert to provide insights throughout your training journey.

If this describes you, then my Training Consultation Program is for you.

The Training Consulting Program works like this:

  • We set up a 1-hour Skype or FaceTime consultation to go over ANY questions you have about training, racing, yearly planning, balancing training with life, etc. The consultation is meant to give you one hour of uninterrupted time with me so we can get your questions answered. You are the boss during the consultation. We can build your yearly schedule, plan the season, pick races, set goals, choose appropriate equipment, discuss the overall strategy of your year, talk about how to set up a training/family/work balance, and discuss what type of training program is best to help you reach your goals.
    • The 1-hour consultation may be the only time we interact. Or we may set up a second consultation once you have had a couple of months to apply our conversation to your training.
    • Some you may want a training program. If this is the case, we discuss which approach is best to help you reach your goals, I present a training program that matches your goals, and we lay out the overall structure of the program.¬†From our conversation, I set up your training program on Training Peaks. The program has all of the details necessary to help you move closer towards reaching your goal.

For athletes who want a training program, the $150 consultation fee is waived and we begin the Training Consultation Program.

  1. You receive a customized training plan that is specific to your overall goals and race schedule. The training program is delivered on Training Peaks.  I have over 10 years of experience writing solid, quality training programs that have been used and tested by adult athletes. These programs are the result of my experience and feedback from athletes like you!
  2. Every four weeks, we connect via Skype, FaceTime, phone, or, at a minimum, by email.
  3. Your training program is updated based on our conversation.
  4. We repeat this for the duration of the program, which is typically 16 to 32 weeks.


  • One-Time Consultation: $150 (one-time fee; the fee is waived if you sign up for a Training Consultation Program)
  • MULTISPORT Training Program: $149/month, 4-month minimum commitment
  • SINGLE SPORT Training Program: $99/month, 4-month minimum commitment

To get this process started, please fill out the consultation form below. Once I receive your information and payment, I will contact you via email.