Joe's Fit in 2020 Plan


Many of us are struggling with motivation and fitness in 2020. Even though your race may be postponed or delayed, you still can:

  • stay fit

  • gain fitness

  • be ready to rock once races open up again!


I created two 12-week plans specific to runners and multisport athletes. These plans help you regain your training routine, your motivation, and your fitness.

The plan works like this:

  • You answer a short questionnaire regarding your current fitness, your ideal weekly training routine, and your goals for 2020 (and beyond)
  • I modify my 12-week plan to fit your schedule and goals.
  • Your plan is provided via Training Peaks
  • 12-week RUNNER Fit In 2020 Plan: $150
  • 12-week MULTISPORT Fit In 20120 Plan: $199

**Athletes enrolled in the Injury Prevention and Performance Strategies for Runners get 50% off!!!**



You get a customized 12-week plan:

  • Customized to YOUR schedule
  • Customized to YOUR goals
  • Complete with all workout details and objectives
  • Built-in tracking and data-upload



To get this process started, please fill out the consultation form below. Once I receive your information and payment, I will contact you via email.


For runners, let me know how many times you run each week, what intensities you run (do you mix up the speeds?), and the distance of your longest run.
Describe your ideal week similar to this: Monday: day off Tuesday: fast run Wednesday: easy day Thursday: tempo run Friday: day off Saturday: long run Sunday: easy day


** For those with a discount, the discount will be applied at checkout **

Once you pay, I will contact you and provide your training plan.