Adapt to persevere

As I write this, it is snowing. This is our second major snowfall of 2019. Last weekend we saw about 8 inches of snow, and today, I’m guessing there is another 4 or 5 inches on the ground with the snow still falling. The upside is that I have the opportunity for some good exercise shoveling our driveway, our deck, and getting 10 inches of snow off of our trampoline.

I didn’t plan for my Saturday morning to be taken up with snow shoveling. This wasn’t on my training program.  But, I need to take care of this snow…

Even the best laid plans are subject to change. And this is true with winter weather. I advised my athletes to either do the long run Friday (the day before the snow storm) or wait until Sunday once the roads are plowed.

This isn’t the only time this will happen this year. Weather, family responsibilities, illness, unexpected work obligations… All of these things will force you to change.


You don’t HAVE to do something just because it is written. Use your brain and listen to your body. If the spirit doesn’t call (you are tired or something doesn’t ‘feel right’) or if it is dangerous (for example, a snow storm), be adaptable. Move the workout to a different day.

This adaptability will serve you well. You see, we are playing the long game. Smart decisions today will lead to long-term growth, while foolish (selfish) decisions may lead to injury, sickness, burnout, and ultimately a loss of ability (or desire) to continue.

Here is something that I think about when that little voice inside me suggests that today isn’t the best day to do the written workout: “Will I regret NOT doing this workout today?” What I mean by this is when I go to bed that night or wake up the next morning, will I appreciate the fact  that I pushed through and did the workout OR will I appreciate that I can go to bed and wake up healthy and ready to tackle another day?

Adherence to adaptability results in another day and another chance to do the workout. Hopefully this time the little voice will give you the green light and you can nail the workout with uninhibited passion.

Failure to adapt may lead to a sub-par workout or, worse yet, injury which can result in days, weeks, or months of derailed training.

We need to remember that there is not any single workout that will ensure our success. Rather, success is achieved through a bunch of small, smart decisions that will keep you on the right path.

“Perseverance is more effective than brute strength, and there are many difficulties that cannot be overcome if you try to do everything at once, but which will yield if you master them little by little.”

                               – from Life of Sertorius

This quote should be kept at the forefront as we embark on our 2019 endurance journey.


> You don’t have to accomplish everything at once.

> Perseverance leads to mastery.

> And mastery leads to realizing your ultimate potential.