Goal for 2018: I want this to be your best year ever!

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life immersed in the world of human performance. While I spent 14 years as an elite/professional athlete and 10 years in higher academia, my passion lies in empowering adults to be healthier and perform better.

Lisa (pictured above) allowed herself to become immersed in learning, pushing limits, and listening to me. This helped her have a major breakthrough, podium at USAT Age Group Nationals, win North Carolina 70.3, gain USAT All-American status, and earn her pro card for 2018.

I know what it takes to perform. I know what it takes to live a healthy life. I’ve done it. I’ve taught it. I’ve lived it. I want to empower you to perform your best while optimizing your health. It is a balance, but with my guidance and expertise, I can provide you with the best strategy possible to explore your potential in 2018!

My goal for 2018 is simple. I want to give my knowledge to you.

Every month, the coaches and athletes at Endurance Company focus on a theme. The themes are designed to educate, challenge, and empower adult athletes to make positive lifestyle choices and positive changes.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll send out a newsletter that highlights the theme we are focusing on. Then, each week, we will dial in the focus on a certain aspect of the theme, discuss it, practice it, and enforce in our daily practice. The goal is that at the end of each month, you have a couple new tools to put in your tool chest. Strategies to help you overcome obstacles. Knowledge that can keep you on track for excellent health and fitness.

For November and December, TEAM ECo athletes focused on our Holiday Hold Challenge. We presented eight strategies designed to help you maintain weight during the holiday season. Our goal with the Holiday Hold was is to get our team fit, healthy, and ready to train by January 1st!

So, in addition to great coaching, high-quality training programs, and a super-fun team, you get deep insight into my knowledge base and the knowledge base of our coaches. It doesn’t get better than this. Anywhere.