Never, ever give up?

I just finished a memoir from John Hellemans, Never, Ever Give Up?, an endurance coach I’ve followed through my racing and coaching career. If you like reading about endurance sport, his book is worth checking out.

He ended  his book with an anecdote from a multi-stage race he competed in last year. About half-way through the 30-day event, he texted a friend and contemplated dropping out of the event and going home. In response to John’s uncertainty, the friend texted him, “I guess it will come down to the meaning and significance this has for you.” John replied, “It’s about not giving up?” His friend wrote back, “It’s what underpins that and what gives that meaning. Never giving up is a useful attribute… often.”

Never give up. It’s a mantra I’ve had for a long time and continue to have as I go through the ups and downs of life. Take the road less traveled. Forge your own path. Keep your eye on the big picture. Remember WHY you do what you do. And never, ever give up.