Joe Company, PhD

Joe specializes in empowering motivated, driven age group athletes to realize their potential. When athletes apply Joe’s training principles, THEY ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

Joe has coached age group athletes to the pinnacle of their sport, and more importantly has helped age group athletes understand HOW to achieve their best.

Joe has coached athletes to the Olympic Trials, to Ironman 70.3 wins, to overall Ironman wins, to their pro cards, to Long Course National Champions, and to USA Triathlon National Championships. But Joe doesn’t only work with ‘fast people.’ Joe has helped many people prepare for and finish their “bucket list race” healthy and happy.

Joe is a teacher, athlete, scientist, and leader. He combines his life skills to work for you. He teaches you how to train. He provides analytical, scientific application to your program. He applies his athletic and coaching experience to keep you improving. And he leads by example.

Joe provides very detailed, in depth training programs for his one-on-one athletes. Because of the time intensive nature of this relationship, Joe only works with THREE one-on-one athletes at any given time. Contact Joe to see if he has openings.


How you can work with Joe:

Customized Programming: $400/month.

If you want work directly with Joe, this is a great way to do it. Joe will develop your program so it is specific to your schedule and your goals. You will have Joe overseeing your program and Joe as your contact person. Monthly check-ups will help us keep the program dialed in. You receive full Team ECo benefits as well. Joe limits his Customized Programming clients, so if you are interested, contact Joe for a consultation to determine if this program is right for you.

One-on-One Coaching: $850/month.

This program is limited THREE athletes per year. This program provides a customized, made-from-scratch program written by Joe for YOU. Basically, the program is developed as you develop. You receive unlimited interaction with Joe regarding all things related to the program. On-site race support is provided at the athletes expense (travel and lodging). Contact Joe for an interview.


Athletic Background
Joe competed in elite-level athletics since 1996.  This included competing in professional track events in the U.S. and Europe in the late ’90s as well as racing as a professional triathlete from 2003-2007.  Joe competed as an elite amateur triathlete from 2008-2010.  He retired from racing in 2010 to focus on coaching, academic research, and building Endurance Company.

Academic Experience
Joe was originally studied mathematics and focused on systems efficiency, data analytics, and logic. He taught high school math for six years before returning to school to study Exercise Physiology.

Joe has a doctorate in biomedical science and a master’s degree in exercise physiology. His research has ranged from body composition in athletes to the effect of exercise and inactivity on fat accumulation.

His academic experience allowed him to interact with some of the world’s premier performance researchers and coaches. Some of his experiences include attending the Biological Basics of Elite Performance in London, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute Science and Technology at IMG Academies in Bradenton Florida, the U.S. Olympic Training Center, and has been an invited speaker at the American College of Sports Medicine Central States conference.  His athletic experiences and exercise physiology studies have shaped the way he works with athletes.

Joe is a life-long student of performance, sport, physiology, and psychology. He has devoted his life to accumulating knowledge and translating it to his clients. Joe stays on top of the scientific literature and mainstream trends to filter out the junk from the things that actually work. His athletes get the benefits of this.

From Joe:
“Each athlete has a unique physiology and psychology.  I limit work with a small number of athletes so that I can provide the best possible coaching.  And I am selective in who I choose to work with.  The ideal athlete has the following characteristics:

  • self motivated and driven athletically, professionally, and personally
  • values data and analysis
  • has short- and long-term goals
  • is willing to learn
  • is interested in a long-term commitment to health and performance
  • is willing to invest in coaching