Training Tip: the Taper!

We obviously train so that we can get stronger, faster, and fitter.  As you have learned, the way we do this is to stress our bodies and then allow them to recover.  This balance of stress and recovery allows us to adapt and continue improving.  The goal as we lead up to a race is to maintain the fitness gains we achieved with the training, but recover as much as possible so we are rested and ready to give our best effort.  So, there is a fine line between maintaining some sort of training stress with allowing the body to rest.

To do this, we keep some sort of normal routine, but cut down on the duration of the workouts while keeping the intensity at or faster than race effort.  Keep in mind that you are fit and won’t gain much fitness these next few days, BUT you can overcook yourself by doing too much.  It is better to be 5% under-trained than 1% over-trained.  This means that you can do more harm than good for your performance by doing too much the days leading up to the race.  Trust your training and trust that with the decreased volume, you will be rested and sharp on race day.

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Have a great week!