Training Zones Explained (VIDEO)

Training zones don’t have to be complicated. This video breaks down the critical values in determining your optimal training zones.

The take-home messages from this video are:

  • There are two training intensities: AEROBIC CAP and LACTATE THRESHOLD
  • AEROBIC CAP is the intensity at which we are maximizing our aerobic capacity and turn to anaerobic metabolism to ‘kick in’ more energy.
  • LACTATE THRESHOLD is the intensity at which we produce more lactate than we can clear.
  • Each of these intensity correspond to a something we can ‘use’ like… RUN PACE, RUN HR, BIKE POWER, BIKE HR, SWIM PACE, SWIM HR…
  • It is important to understand what effort these two critical intensities are for you for each discipline.

For example, someone may have RUN aerobic cap of 8:00/mile at a 150 HR. Their BIKE aerobic cap may be 175W at a 135 HR. Same physiological ‘thing’ but different numbers for run versus bike.

The same holds true for lactate threshold. Someone may have a RUN LT of 6:00/mile at 175 HR and a BIKE LT of 275W at 165 HR.

The point is that we all have our unique data. We have workouts to help you find these data points.

Knowing your training zones are critical to maximizing your training and performance. If you train to hard, you risk injury, overtraining, and burnout. If you train to easy, you aren’t maximizing your time. There is a sweet spot to help you get the most from your training. This video will help you understand what these sweet spots are and how they can be applied to your training.

From the video, you should understand the TWO CRITICAL values I look for when assigning training (aerobic cap and lactate threshold).  You should also understand why exercising in the ‘gray zone’ is not beneficial. Lastly, you should understand where marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10k, and 5k efforts fit into this paradigm.

I hope this provides some clarity to the ‘training zone’ concept. If you want help finding your training zones, contact an ECo coach. We can help!