How to find your training zones (VIDEO)

There are many ways to find your training zones. In this video, I explain two methods for finding training zones: laboratory testing and field testing.

Visit this post for background on training zones.

The take home messages from this are:

  1. Proper workouts/sets must be adhered to to get accurate, usable data.
  2. There are a variety of ways to dial in your zones, laboratory tests, and a variety of field tests.
  3. Sub-max tests are where you get the most valuable data.
  4. You need some gadgets to find your zones (laboratory equipment, GPS, power meter, heart rate monitor).
  5. Data from the test will be used to assign zones (if the tests are done properly)

It isn’t ‘hard’ to find your zones, but it takes someone with insight and knowledge to properly assign zones.

If you have never had a metabolic test, I recommend visiting a laboratory to be tested. You’ll learn a lot and get some valuable data. Your coach can then help you translate that data over to practical training rules/guidelines.

Obviously, as you train, you get fitter, and your zones will change. I recommend reevaluating your zones every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are training properly, you’ll likely see some changes. Your zone heart rates may not change, but I bet your pace is faster and your power is higher! And that’s what we want to see!