Intermittent Fasting and Endurance Training (part 1: health benefits)

On the ECo Insider page, I’m focusing on Intermittent Fasting (IF) and how we, as endurance athletes, can incorporate the IF strategy into our training program. I will present details of IF and how we can tweak nutrient timing to maximize the effects of training.
In Part 1, I want to give some background on IF and discuss the HEALTH BENEFITS. If you want to watch my video and join in on the discussion, ask questions, provide insight, and learn more, join the ECo Insiders group!
I want you to first gain a basic understanding of IF. I find THIS ARTICLE helpful.
Secondly, I compiled a list of health benefits. See the images at the bottom of this post.
Remember, the main motivation for any diet strategy needs to be HEALTH. Ask yourself the question, “Will this diet help me reduce disease risk?” and “Will this diet help me optimize my health to increase my healthspan?”
If the answers to the questions are “YES,” then ask yourself, “Is this strategy sustainable? Can I stick to this while still doing the things I like (like train for endurance sports)?”
My goal is to help you be able to answer YES to this question.
On the ECo Insider page, I posted a video where I:
  • Introduce the three main methods of IF
  • Speak to the HEALTH benefits of IF.
  • Explain why NOW (the “off season”) is the BEST time to try out a new dietary strategy (hint: weight gain in the off season is totally unnecessary).
In future articles, I will touch on performance aspects of IF, and how to incorporate IF into a training routine.
NOTE: This article compliments the video I posted on the ECo Insider group page. If you are an ECo Insider member, refer to the video for more details on how I suggest incorporating IF and training. If you aren’t an ECo Insider member, join today!